Hair loss (male pattern baldness) treatment

Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Hair loss can be temporary or permanent. Temporary hair loss is often a result of a health condition. Once treated, the hair can regrow. It could also be genetic and permanent, or a sign of ageing.

There is no universal cure for hair loss. But, there are several hair loss treatments that can prevent it from happening.

Common signs of hair loss

Some of the common signs of hair loss can be:

  • thinning of hair 
  • bald patches
  • a receding hairline

If you notice a mixture of these symptoms, you may want to try a hair loss treatment. If you have a health condition that has hair loss as a symptom, the problem may go away once you are successfully treated.


Hair loss treatment includes:

  • hair loss tablets (like Propecia and finasteride)
  • hair loss shampoo (like Regaine for men and women)

What causes hair loss?

Common causes of hair loss for men

Hair loss is a normal biological process. We can lose up to 100 hairs a day. It is however a problem when the hairs are not replaced by new growth or exceed normal limits. Hair loss can be caused by many reasons. 

Medical conditions

Hair loss can be caused by illness. When the illness is effectively treated, the hair should regrow. Hormonal changes can also often lead to temporary and permanent hair loss. 

Cancer treatments

Treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy can also lead to hair loss. Once treatment ends, hair can begin to regrow, but the regrowth may not be the same as the hair before.  


Hair loss may also be a hereditary condition. This means it runs in the family. Androgenic alopecia, male and female pattern baldness are often hereditary and permanent. The baldness usually comes on gradually, leaving bald spots, thinning, and a receding hairline. 


Some treatments do have hair loss as a side effect. Some drugs used to treat high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease and depression can have such an effect. 


Hair loss can be a reaction to emotional or physical shock, or a prolonged stressful period. The hair may start falling out months after the event. The effect is normally temporary and hair later regrows on its own. 


Certain hairstyles can cause pulling on hair follicles. This often leads to conditions like traction alopecia. Using chemical relaxers and hot oil treatments can also damage the scalp, leading to hair loss. Hair can recover when this habit is stopped, but once scarring has occurred the effect may be permanent.

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